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Assistant Director, Line Operations

Req #: 1519
Location: Charlotte, NC
Facility: Charlotte (Charlotte Douglas International Airport)
Job Family: Flight Operations - Crew
Assistant Director, Line Operations
DEPARTMENT: Operations
REPORTS TO: Director of Operations
SUPERVISES: Has direct supervision over Chief Pilot(s) and in the absence of the Assistant Director, Flight Operations the Flight Operations Specialist
DELEGATION: When Assistant Director, Line Operations is absent, authority is delegated to the Assistant Director, Flight Operations.
POSITION PURPOSE: The Assistant Director, Line Operations is a full time position and provides direction to assure Flight Operations performance achieves Company goals and objectives associated with safety, security, reliability, operational efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Monitors and oversees daily flight operations for the Flight Department.
The certificate-holding district office must be informed within 10 days of any change or vacancy of the Assistant Director, Line Operations if this position has also been assigned to fulfill the Chief Pilot position as required by 14 CFR Part 119.65/Operations Specification A006.
Minimum. A pilot holding an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with at least 2 years supervisory or managerial experience. Experience managing daily flight operations and crew bases.  Must also meet Common Minimum Qualifications.
Minimum if assigned as Chief Pilot: A pilot holding an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with at least three years supervisory or managerial experience within the last 6 years in a position that exercised operational control over any operations conducted with large airplanes under part 121. Must have at least 3 years experience as pilot in command of a large airplane operated under part 121 or be qualified through training, experience, and expertise. Must also meet Common Minimum Qualifications.
  • Four (4) year degree
  • 5-8 years pilot experience with 3 years Pilot-In-Command Parts 135 or 121
  • Airline management experience or instructing background
  • Have a full understanding of the following with respect to the certificate holder's operation:
    • Aviation safety standards and safe operating practices
    • 14 CFR Chapter 1 (Federal Aviation Regulations)
    • The certificate holder’s operations specifications
    • All appropriate maintenance/airworthiness requirements of 14 CFR
    • The manual required by 14 CFR 121.133
Besides maintaining flying proficiency and performing special projects as assigned by the Director of Operations; duties include the following:
  1. Responsible for maintaining compliance with all standards established by PSA Airlines.
  2. Implement safety risk management processes within Flight Operations that support the principles of the Safety Management System (SMS) and this policy manual.
  3. Enforce departmental safety objectives which support company goals through close coordination with the Company Safety Department.
  4. Act as a liaison with relevant external entities.
  5. Coordinate with Assistant Director, Flight Operations, Flight Training and Flight Standards to ensure operational safety and standardization of procedures
  6. Develop and implement strategies communicating Company goals and department performance requirements to all department personnel.
  7. Recommend and communicate operational requirements to the Director of Operations, Assistant Director, Flight Operations and Fleet Manager.
  8. Maintain compliance with the conditions and restrictions of the AOC.
  9. Oversight of pilot efficiencies.
  10. Supervise, train, monitor, and assess staff member performance.
  11. Ensure compliance of flight deck crewmembers to all Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications, Company Flight Operations Manual, and Company Personnel Manual by monitoring daily flight operations.
  12. Conformance of flight deck crewmembers with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  13. Administer grievance and disciplinary procedures in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement at the direction of the Director of Operations.
  14. Implement strategies in support of Company and departmental goals with organized labor.
  15. Coordinate with Fleet Management for recommendations on new modifications to equipment and/or flight deck configurations
  16. Participate in the development and implementation of Flight Operations policies and procedures.
  17. Ensure corporate standards and affirmative action programs are communicated and implemented.
  18. Implement, monitor, and review the results of the Company Internal Audit Program
  19. Identify and communicate training needs to the Training Department.
  20. Implement strategies communicating Company goals and department performance requirements to all department personnel.
  21. Brief daily the Director Operations as to activities of flight deck crewmembers as would impact operations.
  22. Attend Director's Meeting and brief Operations Directors as to current status of line operations.
  23. Make recommendations for the Flight Operations operating and capital expense budgets.
The Assistant Director, Line Operations interfaces with the following outside the department:
  • Senior management
  • Flight Operations and Training
  • Inflight
  • Dispatch
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Other Company departments
  • FAA
  • Industry groups and committees
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